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I was in Purchase & Payables - > Vendors in Navision 3.10. I noticed there's a lot of entries in there with just a name, but no address, phone number, etc.

Is there a way to filter just the ones with nothing listed for city for instance, so I can easily delete all those entries we don't need?!


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    yeah sure. to filter on a field. click on field on the vendor card. hit F7 and type '' which is two single quotes. and click ok. Now the card will show you only records where the city is blank. then click on F5 and you should see the list. You can add additional filter on other fields. Once you are satisfied, then go to the first record and keep hitting F4. You won't be able to delete vendors that have history.
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  • yuppicideyuppicide Member Posts: 410
    Worked great, thanks.
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