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I want to post a audit result into the Phys. Inventory Journal.


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    Could you be a little more clear on what you mean an audit result, and how it's different from a regular phys. inventory.

    My guess it will be the same thing as regular physical journal. If you want to identify your physical change the Document no. to AUDIT for all the lines.
    You will see the document in item ledger and phys inventory
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    OK, I think jjmmss1 wants to know how to import a phys. inventory journal from a text file created by a barcode device. I think "audit" must be some dialect for "physical stockcounting"?

    I solved it the following way:

    - change the function in Functions/Calculate Inventory to make Qty. (Physical Inventory) initially zero.

    - write a dataport for the textfile. If there is a line containing the same item /variant with the same bin, increase the quantity (phys. inventory)
    - if not, create a new line
    - always check whether the new qty. ( phys. inventory) will be higher than qty. (calculated), if yes, set Gen. Bus. Posting Group to INV_SURPLUS, if not, to INV_MISSING in order to make G/L postings right: surplus posts to a revenue, missing inventory posts to a cost account
    - set up general posting setup that the Inventory Adjustment Account of INV_SURPLUS points to a revenue account and that of INV_MISSIGN points to a cost account
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    Just a guess, really need more info from llmmss1, but when we do a phyiscal inventory and our auditors are present to watch the count. Here is our process.

    we make the initial count, use the count sheets, which is just the phyical inventory journal printed out, with a line to enter the count on.

    the count sheets are numbered and signed as completed.

    the auditors pick a sample and go out an phyically recount the items from the sample, there counts are compared to our counts and hopefully everything matchs, but the audit results are then recorded on the printed count sheets.

    Now if this is the type of audit results you are talking about, and you want them to be recorded in Navision, you would need to add a field to the item journal line table "Audit Results" then record in the phyiscal inventory journal the qty the auditor counted in that column. This could then post through with the rest of the physical inventory journal and you would have the audit results recorded in Navision.
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    jjmmss1 wrote:
    I want to post a audit result into the Phys. Inventory Journal.

    If you want to audit your results, after you post, there is a physical inventory ledger you can look at.

    If you want the PROCESS of your physical count to be audited, then you need to consult your auditor on how you should proceed. Every company's auditing process, although similiar, is different.
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