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I am working on project that has a very simple requirement. I want to allow a User to assign security to other users. The drawback is due to a guideleine that the user may not have permissions to the tables that they need to assign to other users.

I have tried several variation of how to get around this, but still have not been able to resolve this issue. Has anyone attempted this in the Past, and can you please help me with ideas on resolving this problem?

Thanks to everyone who can provide assitance here.


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    I don't think you need actual access to tables to be able to assign permission to the table to another user. Of course, if you have permission to assign permission, it is easy to assign yourself permissions isn't it :mrgreen:
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    In my dutch database there is a role BEVEILIGNG, my guess is the english version should be something like SECURITY.

    Have you tried this role?
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    LOL I even went into my database before I replied before to look for that role, I can't believe I forgot to mention it :mrgreen:

    There is a standard role called SECURITY that seems to have all permissions that you need to assign permissions. Let us know if you need us to tell you those permissions, there's just a small number of them.
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    Exactly, role SECURITY is on of the system roles with special meanings. With this role, the user is able to assign other users into roles. But this permission do not permit the user to assign role which is not member himself. It means, if I have just SECURITY, ALL, and role XXX, I can just assign role SECURITY,ALL and XXX to another user...
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    That is the same Issue that I had run into. Even Assigning a User the Security Role, still limits the user to only assigning roles to Security, All and the only roles that they are assigned. Does anyone have any Ideas on a Work around?

    Any Suggestions, Ideas, or Comments would be greatley appreciated. I'm Confident that this is the best Site for these.

    Thanx Again,

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    I would say that unless you want to limit the roles that the 'security giver person' the you use the SECURITY role in addition to the other roles, and otherwise you give the admin ALL. If you can't trust the sys admin, who can you trust?
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