Customer cards.. is this possible?!

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Okay I edited this.. I found out what I needed to know before, but this brings up a new problem.

Running Navision 3.10. Go into Sales & Receivables and then Customers. When I am in there under General it has fields for:

Shipping Agent Code
Shipping Agent Service

Then going under the tab for Shipping and Other it has a field for:

Shipping Method Code

For every customer card we create we enter all of those fields. Let's say the customer has other ship to addresses. We goto General and hit Ship To Address and enter them in there as well.

Problem is when I am entering orders it doesn't show up the Shipping Agent Service..

For example:

I enter customer ZZZ Sales as a test.. set Shipping Agent Code to UPS, set Shipping Agent Service to RED, and Shipping Method Code to PACKAGE.

Then in their ship to address I want to make it UPS, GROUND, and PACKAGE.

When I goto enter an order and select that ship to location it still has RED and doesn't change to GROUND as I've specified.

Is there anyway I might be able to fix this?! It's not that big of a deal, but sometimes it's nice because our shipping method never changes. To each customer they are always the same way to ship.


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    Are you using E-ship?

    If you are you should use E-Ship Agent Service
    instead of Shipping Agent Service.

    For Us We Set
    Shipping Agent Code :UPS
    Shipping Agent Service :Blank
    E-Ship Agent Service :Ground (or Whatever)
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    This is just coding they neglicted on 3.1. If you have a developer license, just change it. Or have your local solution center change it for you.
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    I was going to say that is a very easy change to make, shouldn't take more than a couple of hours of development from your solution center. Don't forget to have them write a fix-it report to make sure existing addresses and orders have the right information on them.
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    I changed the code to on the Sales Header to for Ship-to's

    I added a salesperson to the Ship-to Card because different ship-to's can have different salespeople for us

    and as you know it's not making hte change by itself.

    IF ("Document Type" = "Document Type"::Order) AND
       (xRec."Ship-to Code" <> "Ship-to Code")
      SalesLine.SETRANGE("Document Type",SalesLine."Document Type"::Order);
      SalesLine.SETRANGE("Document No.","No.");
      SalesLine.SETFILTER("Purch. Order Line No.",'<>0');
      IF SalesLine.FIND('-') THEN
          FIELDCAPTION("Ship-to Code"));
    IF "Ship-to Code" <> '' THEN BEGIN
      ShipToAddr.GET("Sell-to Customer No.","Ship-to Code");
      "Shortcut Dimension 2 Code" := ShipToAddr."Delivery Code";
      "Salesperson Code" := ShipToAddr."Ship-To Salesperson Code";
      "Ship-to Name" := ShipToAddr.Name;
      "Ship-to Name 2" := ShipToAddr."Name 2";
      "Ship-to Address" := ShipToAddr.Address;
      "Ship-to Address 2" := ShipToAddr."Address 2";
      "Ship-to City" := ShipToAddr.City;
      "Ship-to ZIP Code" := ShipToAddr."ZIP Code";
      "Ship-to State" := ShipToAddr.State;
      "Ship-to Country Code" := ShipToAddr."Country Code";
      "Ship-to Contact" := ShipToAddr.Contact;
      "Shipment Method Code" := ShipToAddr."Shipment Method Code";
      IF ShipToAddr."Location Code" <> '' THEN
        VALIDATE("Location Code",ShipToAddr."Location Code");
      "VAT Country Code" := ShipToAddr."Country Code";
      //>> Shipping
      // "Shipping Agent Code" := ShipToAddr."Shipping Agent Code";
      IF ShipToAddr."Shipping Agent Code" <> '' THEN BEGIN
        VALIDATE("Shipping Agent Code",ShipToAddr."Shipping Agent Code");
        IF ShipToAddr."E-Ship Agent Service" <> '' THEN
          VALIDATE("E-Ship Agent Service",ShipToAddr."E-Ship Agent Service");
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    Note: I did test it on mine - If you do use E-Ship & Use the E-Ship Agent Service Instead it works. The shipping info changed when I entered the Ship-to Code and back to normal when I blanked it out.

    Let us know.
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    That's neat you added a salesperson code to the ship to address. All our salespeople are the same based on where the main office of the company is located. Where the orders are bought out of.

    I just noticed the Shipping Agent Service hardly ever gets filled in when entering an order. Weird. It did it once, and now I can't get it to do it again.

    Our company is too small to upgrade to a newer version. I think each user of our Navision costs us like $1800 per person, plus we pay a monthly fee for something to a company.

    We just moved our office and thankfully did get some upgrades finally:

    - New server - Our old Dell server was so old and if it died we were screwed. The tape drive was broken and there was no backup being done.
    - 256MB memory upgrades to some machine, all of them will get it soon
    - Symantic Antivirus - We were using some old crap NT Shield and some dos program.
    - Firebox firewall

    ... and I talked them into getting a new dot matrix printer. Unfortunately it's the only way we can print on carbon paper that prints through to 1 original and the copies below. The printer I bought is blazing fast.. fastest one I could find for like $300.. Epson with 620CPS in draft. Our old printer would take maybe 20-25 minutes to print out say 3 or 4 pages. The new printer takes like 1 minute!
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    So is that a Yes/No to E-ship - I figurerd you were, since on 3.1 you really needed it (for us we did)

    I can't believe you're using dot Matrix still. I might have an old Epson DFX5000+ or two laying around here.

    It does like 560 characters a sec or something. But I was unable to get our invoices to work on it. Plus the only way to get a decent price on there massive ribbons was to buy them in bulk. By the time we got thru all the ribbons the last bunch would always be dried out.

    We did away with our 3-ply multi-invoices when we got Navision. It saves tons of $$ because all we have to do is buy a skid of plain white copy paper. compared to the cost of custom forms it was a no-brainer.

    Throw a couple of lasers around the office & everyone's happy.
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    Note: Has that monthly fee been getting you anything lately? By the sound of it you're not doing any changes - you might be better off paying hourly for little changes as you need it.

    check this:

    PS I have an extra Epson DFX5000+ in the back - once I clear all the dust off of it - I'll see if I can fire it up. If I can I'll ship it to ya if you want it. You're pretty close. NY->NJ

    it looks like this -> ... 1/ps/27011

    yep 64 lbs
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    it will be as is - makes a great paperweight too.
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