3.10 and XP?!

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Will Navision 3.10 work with Windows XP Professional?! It looks like it works with Windows Server 2003.


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    I have never had a problem running Navision 3.10 B on anything whatsoever. I have never tried it on Windows 95 and have never run the server on a Windows 98 system. I believe once you reach 4.0 exe's you must run the server in a Windows server environment however. We use a suped up XP sp 2 system for our development sever.
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    Thanks for the info.. searching Google it looks like it'll work on XP Pro also.

    For some reason the company bought Navision 3.10 years ago, bought all these Dell machines, didn't install the Windows XP Pro they came with! They bought Windows 2000 and took a step back in time.

    Now that we know Navision works on XP our network administrator wants to perform the upgrade. Personally, I think it's not necessary. I think he just wants to do the upgrade because it's work for him and he'll get paid. We don't have any inhouse techs besides me because we're a small company, so we outsourced.
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    no problems here either
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