Mulitple XML-Tags

JutJut Member Posts: 72
I have got some problems with my XMLPort.

I have to use the same tag at serveral positions in the same XML-FIle


Tag <number> must be used at several positions. Compiling the XMLPort, I get an error: "The Variable number is defined more than once [...]"
Unfortunately I have to use this tag!

Has anybody any idea or solution? I would prefer not to program the XML-Export using Automation Controls.

Thanks a lot in advance!



  • PoebblesPoebbles Member Posts: 35
    Hi Jut,
    you can use the TagName more than Once in a XML Port. To use the same Tagename yYou have to define sourcetypes text and different Variables. than behind the Trigger, you have to use
    varaibleA := fieldvalue.
    Hope you understand my english....
  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    Yes I tried this just now and if you enter a different variable name in the datasource column, it lets you compile the object.

    Still though, you should not have the same tag name more than once, it really is confusing, and I don't think the XML is considered well formed.
  • JutJut Member Posts: 72
    Thanks a lot!

    I would also prefer having a better formated XML-File but unfortunately we are not responsible for the .xds-File.
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