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Does anyone have some experience with
they offer testing programs for NAV exams but i don't completely trust them.



  • szleemszleem Member Posts: 11
    I don't think someone oversea know pass4sure,I think it in Chinese Nanjin.
    I just pass the AX Exam after i reade the file from pass4sure Chinese office.
    It is just we opposed that it make the Exam little value for Anyone review it can pass the Exam.

    If you kown some Chinese idiom 'You'd better trust it than doubt it' in Chinese '宁可信其有,不可信其无' you can trust it.

    If anyone want to know some infor from China,you can touch me.
  • PEzechielsPEzechiels Member Posts: 83
    Hi Szleem,

    thnx for your reply.I didn't trust them because they were very suspicios about their info.
    I wired them the money so soon enough i'll know .

    thnx again
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