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ckndr47ckndr47 Member Posts: 100
Hi everybody,

I am restoring one of our clients DB into Navision using SQL Server option. And i am getting this error. I really dont understand the reason behind this error. I have a new machine (Win 2003 Server), 80 GB all free, but still what else.

i am sending you the text of that error, if you any idea or have gone through this, then pleae guide me; i need to do it very urgently.

The following SQL Server error(s) occured while accessing the Object Table:

1105, "42000",[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Could not allocate space for object 'Object' in database ---- becuase the 'Data Filegroup 1' filegroup is full.

Thanks and Regards,


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    illugillug Member Posts: 21
    Is your SQL database set to auto expand? Maybe there just is not enough space.
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    thaugthaug Member Posts: 106
    Make sure you have enough log file space as well. I believe that the log file space needs to be set up before hand with the full amount of space required, and not set to auto grow. Since Nav restore treats the restore as one transaction, the entire transaction is logged.
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    NAVKINGNAVKING Member Posts: 9
    Hi there,
    I came across the error the other day and it was during a shrink of the database.

    Try shrinking the database and watch the two .mdf file shrink in size.

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