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I'm trying to make a connection from a Navision 3.56 database to a website through ODBC and PHP.

I've managed to create a System DSN and tested it with MS Excel XP and it works fine.

But when i try to connect to my SystemDSN using PHP nothing happens... :?:
no error message. It just takes forever to load the webpage into IE and eventually it is timed out.

Here's my PHP code:

$db = odbc_connect("SysNavi","",""); // password and user not defined

$SQLresult = odbc_do($db, "SELECT Nummer, Navn FROM Kreditor");

While (odbc_fetch_row($SQLresult))
$num = odbc_result($SQLresult,1);
$name = odbc_result($SQLresult,2);
echo "number: " + $num + "name: " + $name;

any help would be appreciated....

Rasmus Torpe

Rasmus Torpe


  • Rasmus_TorpeRasmus_Torpe Member Posts: 10
    Well here I am replying to my self. But I found the answer so I think it's fair... :D

    The reason that it wouldn't work is because the Navision 3.56 ODBC requeres access to the system32 folder! Once I had allowed this, the query succeded and I got my result.



    Rasmus Torpe
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    I need an acces from our WebPage (ISP server, PHP, FreeBSD) to the Navision database (a server in our company, Win2000, Navi 3.56). Will it work :?: :?: :?: I cannot check it because I do not have an ODBC driver :? . So, I ask you before I ask my boss to pay for the ODBC driver :lol: .
    Thx for help,

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    Hello Rafal,

    I haven't tried using PHP from one computer running FreeBSD to access a database on a Win2000 server, so my reply is based on a qualified guess... :!:

    It's not straight forward as I see it because you cannot directly access the ODBC driver on a win2000 from FreeBSD. The ODBC needs to be on your FreeBSD computer and I don't know of any Unix ODBC driver to Navision...

    So my "solution" is this:

    1. install Navision 3.56 ODBC on Win2000
    2. install an ODBC socket server on Win2000, thereby making an interface to the FreeBSD server to connect to. Here's a link to ODBC socket server:
    3. connect to the socket server from PHP/FreeBSD. This could be tricky... :?

    Hope this helps your decision!

    Rasmus Torpe

    Rasmus Torpe
  • m1kkelm1kkel Member Posts: 5
    Hello im from denmark.

    Are you using Naviosion 3.56a or do you have it lying around somewhere? I really need a license for it, because my license to 3.55 is not working in 3.56, and i cant buy it anywhere.

    It would be trufully nice of you, if you could help me..

    Hilsen Mikkel
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