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We have a report #10048 Customer/Item Statistics. It let's me filter a certain customer and see the sales break down by item.

It doesn't have a field for Variant Code, which is where color is. I'd like to add one, and in the future add more to that report.

Is it fairly simple to modify a report if I get the company to give me access?

I've been searching on the net and it looks that things are similar to making something in Access. I would go into the following..

Tools -> Object Designer -> Reports -> 10048 Customer/Item Statistics -> Design

.. and then in there I'd be able to add a column to show the variant code?!

I'm just asking because the company wants to find some kind of course to send me on, but if I am reading right it doesn't look that hard to do if they just give me access. We don't be doing that much modifications, so I don't really think I need to go take a class on an outdated version of software.


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