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I'm very new to Navision world and have been assigned the job of installing the Navision in a multiuser environment. I've installed the db server 4.0 SP1 on a 2003 server and trying to connect it from my machine with the client program installed. When I go into File/database/new, I'm able to create a new database on my machine but not on the server. It comes back with an error message saying that "The TCP/IP connection's 'host' is not answering (TCP/IP error ECONNREFUSED)........make changes to your 'hosts' and 'services' file...."
Any idea what I've missed.
Also, when I go into File/database/open and try to open the browse button, it open a small window with a list ("Available Navision Database Servers"), but listsreading [Client Only] as the only entry. I thought that I would be able to see the database server's name in that list as well !!??
Any help/pointer appreciated.


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    Try to put the name or the address of the server in the box.
    Nettype must be TCP. In 4.0 Navision puts standard TCPS but this doesn't work, so never even use it.
    If you changed the port (=you didn't use the default port), you need to adapt the services file on your client to use it or in server, you can put something like "". Meaning you give the TCP/IP address and the port the Navision-DB uses on the server.
    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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    Following steps on the Navision Database Server can solve your problem :

    1. Add the IP of the Navision Database Server along with the Navision Database Name in the host file.

    3. Add the TCP port no in the services file

    Then logging on from your client would work with the navision database name.
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    There are two documents for Navision installation details, and you can find both of them in the Doc folder of your product CD. For the native database server there is the document called 'w1w1ism.pdf', for the SQL Server installation there is a document called 'w1w1isql.pdf'. Then you go to appendix B to read all about network communications.
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    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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  • Tan_Pho_HanTan_Pho_Han Member Posts: 1
    I got the same problem with Navision 4 SP 1.

    I installed the Navision client on my XP. Then I installed the Database Server on the same PC with the client (just like the manual says). I try to connect to the database but the server name (NAVDB1) doesn't show up in the server list so I must type it manually. There's always that error (ECONNREFUSED) every time I try to create a new database, but I don't encounter such error when I'm opening the sample database.

    I already edit the NETTYPE entry in the registry so that its value is "tcp". What should I do?
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