Manufacturing Planning worksheet problem

bobnavisionbobnavision Member Posts: 159
My client is using manufacturing module.

They produced an item - Quantity 63 - and assigned serial nos.

The item is showing inventory of 63 with the assigned serial nos against each.

Client created a Sales order for the item and assigned the same serial nos.

Problem occurs when client suggested the planning worksheet and it suggested the same item with same serial nos. again for production.????? ](*,)

I am bit stuck here



  • johnson_alonsojohnson_alonso Member Posts: 690
    I am sure that if inventory still exists and you calculate plan in planning worksheet using regenerative plan, system will recalculate all items in inventory. it's caused by order tracking system set up and reservation.
    What do you do with 63 pcs items after finished in production ? If you have finished good in inventory and create the new sales order with same qty in the inventory warehouse (63 pcs), planning worksheet will suggest the inventory.

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  • bobnavisionbobnavision Member Posts: 159
    But Does it regenerate with the same serial no.s ??

  • johnson_alonsojohnson_alonso Member Posts: 690
    Planning worksheet is not a place to create serial no and lot no. In the inventory management manual, you can see from where to create new serial and lot no.
    So, planning worksheet calculation is based on planning parameter set up in the item card,and will re calculate all items in inventory, production components lines, sales, purchase orders and also production order.
    I am not so sure if there is a planning flexibility field in sales order. If it exists it can be set to none, and then system will not regenerate the items inside it

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