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Hi Kine,

Thanks for your help;
I finished all my code of decryptage, that functions (in room PC under Windows XP SP2), but dice which I want to launch it on the Serveur (WIN2K) I have the following message:

"This message is for C/AL Programmers:
Could not create an instance of OLE control or Automation Server identified by GUID="{F935DC20-1CF0-11D0-ADB9-00C04FD58A0B} 1.0:{41904400-BE18-11D3-A28B-00104BD35090}:}:'Windows Script Host Object Model'.IWshShell3 .Check that the OLE control or automation server is correctly installed or registred.

Can you help me to replace that by the class that you had sent to me.




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    It probably has a different version. Open the codeunit on win2K and go to globals and select the automation again. compile it on win2k box.
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    I am using this class (another GUID as yours):
          Wsh@1000000004 : Automation "{F935DC20-1CF0-11D0-ADB9-00C04FD58A0B} 1.0:{F935DC22-1CF0-11D0-ADB9-00C04FD58A0B}:'Windows Script Host Object Model'.IWshShell_Class";

    Try to use this GUID (export into text, replace, import back)
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