Codeunit Adds 2 Field's Values Of Any Table

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Respected Sir,

My question is that

I have 2 field in A table with integer data type. suppose fields are v1, v2

AND Table name is tab1.
I want to add the values of those fields in codeunit and aslo show the out put when I run the code unit,i.e the resultant v1+v2

How can I do thaT?


  • HalMdyHalMdy Member Posts: 429
    1. Define a Variable on Table A (Rec)
    2 Structure of the CU :
    - TableA.GET(Primary key you search);
    - MESSAGE('%1 + %2 = %3',TableA.V1,TableA.V2,TableA.V1+TableA.V2);
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