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edited 2003-08-28 in Navision DOS
I created a report, basis on the Purchaseline. Now I have no suitable key for my report. I would like to group for each item an orderdate and calculate the sum of all pieces. How does it run?
Maybe I must create a temporary table.

Thanks for all help!


  • jyotsnasjyotsnas Member Posts: 62
    Hi Buble

    if you want to group on a field, that field should be part of the key you selected. If you dont have a suitable key, then creating a temporary table is the option. Then you will have to set key of the teporary table. It actually depends upon the cost you choose to take. You can either take cos of creating a secondary key or cost of creating a temporary table.

    I would like to create a secondary key and use it in the report instead of creating a temporary table.

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