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Does anyone have any information on calendars pertaining to Machine Centers/Work Centers? Better yet, does anyone have a manufacturing manual in WPD or PDF?


  • johnson_alonsojohnson_alonso Member Posts: 690
    Dear Friend,
    IF you want to have manufacturing manual, you can contact your NSC or send me pm, maybe I can help you.
    As about calendar set up:
    1. click application set up in administration module --> click general --> click base calendar
    2. Manufacturing module --> capacities --> set up --> work shifts and then shop calendar
    3. Manufacturing module --> Capacities --> work center --> schedulling tab --> field shop calendar code --> you fill the work shift
    4. Manufacturing module --> capacities --> work center/machine center --> planning button --> calendar --> functions button --> calculate --> then set work center and starting and ending date that you want to apply..


    "Camino Palmero"
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