Principle of Automation variables integration.

rmouzarmouza Member Posts: 52
Hello everybody,

Can someone explain to me how does the automation variables work in Navision, and how does it (exactly) interact with the system?
thanks for help.



  • lubostlubost Member Posts: 611
    In few words it can be explained:

    1. Automation DLL have to be registered in Windows
    2. You can define variable of type Automation
    3. If you create this variable, system will create new instance of object defined in DLL and calls object's initialization routine.
    4. Then you can set the public properties or call public methods of object
    5. If object can generate events and you defined this variable as Withevents, you can catch generated events.
    6. Finally you have to destroy (clear) automation variable before leaving code snipet.

    Finally, automation does not rely to Navision without your code.
  • rmouzarmouza Member Posts: 52
    Thanks lubost,

    i've asked this question to try to find an error while generating an Excel sheet.
    the problem is how to obtain the same format with "%" and "euro symbol":
    0,00% and
    because, actually, i obtain 0.00% and 0,00"euro"
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