ODBC Driver not being recognised

atarisataris Member Posts: 109
I have setup the DSN but when I try and connect through Excel I get the following message "Drivers SQLSetConnectAttr has failed".

Has this happenned to anyone before? I have setup a Sytem DSN. I think there might be a hotfix for this but there is nothing in the download section.

I'm using SP1.

It connects ok using the database which comes with the software but I'm trying to connect to another database now.


  • AsterixAsterix Member Posts: 2
    Are you sure, you are using the same ODBC version as the navision database version that you are trying to connect to? I had a similar issue once when I installed a ODBC driver for Navision 3.6 and tried to connect to Nav 3.7 database. It worked fine when the driver version was rectified.

    Best of luck.

  • fatewongfatewong Member Posts: 8
    How you set your System DSN in Data Sources(ODBC)? Do you follow exactly the step in the manual? You are using SP1, so i assume the version is 4.0 SP1.

    Pls take note of the following thing.
    1. you must use N/ODBC instead of C/ODBC.
    2. Have you copied over the files needed as stated in manual?
    3. Have you provided the username and password for the DSN (if you are not using CRONUS database).
  • atarisataris Member Posts: 109
    I manage to get it working.

    Our company license was expiring so when i was importing the license and trying to bring up the company name I was receiving a message saying our license is about to expire in the next few days.

    So I think it was receiving that message when connecting and of course not know what to do.

    License is now ok and it's connecting fine.
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