CP User Object, strange Error

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I am running a 3.70a Commerce Portal and need to add a field to UserObject. I did the following steps:

- added code to Synchronisation Management
- added a field to table UserObject on SQL Server, Commerce Server and Businessdesk.

tried to generate an "InsertWebportalUser" message. This one found in the SynchMSMQ looks good. But then i get a strange error.

The "InsertWebportalUser"-Message is directly inserted to ErrorQueue (Error in Function Insert_Update_DeleteContact, "Fehler bei Ausführung eines aus mehreren Schritten bestehendem OLE DB Vorganges"). So, synchronisation does not work. While testing a bit around i found out this behaviour:

- Generate "InsertWebportalUser"-Message without my new field -> works, the record is created
- Generate "ModifyWebportalUser"-Message WITH my new field -> works!, everything fine, even the new field is correct...

so, has anyone an idea why the "InsertWebportalUser"-Message including my new field does not work?!

thanks in advance, and kind regards



  • MogMog Member Posts: 34
    erm... well, finally i got the clue...

    The field i need to synchronized is of type Code, so i used function CSEncodeCode to format it.. this did not work, it just works with CSEncodeText... thank you Navision :shock:
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