How to reverse recieved and invoiced G/L accounts from a PO

adamEthanadamEthan Member Posts: 104
Hello all =)

Just wondering the appropriate way to reverse recieved and invoiced line items from a PO? They aren't items which were recieved and invoiced, they were G/L accounts.

It's pretty basic, I know, but a search for "reverse recieved and invoiced PO G/L" didn't give me anything ;)

Thanks in advance


edit: sorry this is Nav 4.0 SP1


  • BalelloBalello Member Posts: 61
    Navision doesn't allow to "rollback" a posted invoice. This means you must use credit memo functionality. Instead, it exists "Function --> undo Shipment" on purchase receipt form. But it creates new lines on Item Ledger Entry and oter tables to "undo" the receipt... so the idea is the same: never delete the lines that you posted, eventually create a reverse sign document to go back.
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