Navision crashes after object import (4.0 sp1)

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imagine typical situation where you have opened object designer, then click file, import, later you select file to import objects from, then you see the progress bar...

After that a new dialog appears (at least to me) saying "Altering database objects..." and after a while navision client crashes.
The good thing is that object is imported.

The system configuration is as follows:
win2003 server, sql2005 server, client: 4.0 SP1 version W1

Any ideas why this happens?


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    it can be combination MS SQL 2005 and Nav 4.00SP1 (SP1 with 2005 is not good combination, SP2 with update have still problems with SQL 2005, using SQL 2005 is not still recommanded for live DB). You can use Nav SP2+update and MS SQL 2005 SP1. It seems like problems when altering indexes and SIFT tables...
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    Try importing each object one by one. You may also want to compile the objects on the SQL server again before you do the import. I've had problems with inconsistencies with objects and crashing that compiling solved. Have you run a test and optimize on the tables that you are replacing? All users off the system? As a last resort, have you tried to make those field changes directly on the server through Navision? But, as mentioned, upgrading to SP2 would also be a good start, since it doesn't play too well with SQL 2005.

    I forget the exact details, but depending on the crash, you may be able to retrieve a text file that has some more information. Is it the type of crash where it asks you to Send/Don't Send an error report? If it is, click on the hyperlink to show what is being send as part of the report. You will notice a a path to a file listed. Copy that path out, and this part is vital (since it deletes the file), with that dialog box still open, go find that file, or go to Start...Run and insert that path in to the Run dialog. This will open a little file that will hopefully show you a little more information on where it is failing. Either save that file somewhere else or copy the contents. Then close down your error boxes.
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