Killing Session in Nav3.7 flashes'Session read only error'

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Is there any way to kill user sessions in Navision 3.70 Native Database.

The Specifications are as follows :
Navision Dabase Server 3.70

The scenario is as follows :
I have created a form with the SourceTable as Session in Navision 3.70
Now, after running the form, it displays the users logged on to the Server.

On deleting one of the sessions, it flashes an error that the "Session table is read only", unlike Navision 4.0 where it allows to delete the Session.

Is there anyway I can get access to the Session table and assign full permission to that table so that it allow me to delete the session.

Thanks in advance.


  • NRNR Member Posts: 78
    Is there any way to go in the design mode of the session table.

    I tried creating a dummy table and tried setting the permissions property of the dummy table by adding read,write,delete and execute permissions to the session table.
    But, all in vain as it gave the same error "Session is a read only"

    Can there be any work around.... .
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    As BlackTiger wrote: This is supported just on 4.xx... you need backend support for that. The Fin.exe ans server.exe must support that... :-) You need to do technical upgrade (C/SIDE upgrade) if you want to use this new feature in version 4.xx...
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  • NRNR Member Posts: 78
    Ok.. done...

    3.70 users have no other option than to go to client pc to close the application .. in case a session has to be terminated....

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