Recieved too many line items~! help.

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Hello all,

We are half live with nav4.0 sp1 at my company, meaning we are double entering information into navision and also quickbooks. that being said i am consistently trying to fight fires in navision, and untill they are all put out we cant get off of quickbooks and onto just nav.

an intern that used to work here messed up a bunch of our purchase orders. these purchase orders consisted of mutliple item lines, not just one single thing. She meant to recieve and invoice one line item, but instead would recieve all the line items and just invoice the one she intended. So to fix this i have to essentially 'unrecieve' all the other line items that were unintentionally recieved.

These are G/L accounts, btw.

I'm under the impression that I can just copy all the information from a line item that needs to be unrecieved, and just recieve a negative quantity. After doing this, and hitting F9 to view the statistics, the quantity and monetary values look correct. Fine.

However what do I do if now after applying that type of fix, I want to go ahead and recieve more quantity on that purchase order? do i create another copy of the original item line, and this time just enter the quantity as whatever i want to recieve?

i guess you can see how im confused.

thanks though, i appreciate it =)



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