MBSOnline.org is no more - Long live DynamicsUsers.org

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Hi everyone,

As most of you know, MBSOnline has had a lot of problems over the past months. Basically running on snitz with an access database could not keep up with the huge volume of members and their posts. So instead of trying to fix the Snitz forum, mbsonline.org is no more and has been reborn on Community Server as dynamicsusers.org. This platform offers far more than just a Forum, and I think it was worth the wait. Kudos to Erik for having the guts to make the tough decision of starting again. (In fact its the third time that he has started from scratch NOLUG, MBSOnline and Dynamics users ).

Unfortunately because of the continuing problems with http://www.mbsonline.org it was necessary to move straight over to the new server and platform so that users could get back to posting and that meant that a full conversion was not possible so the decision was made to start from scratch, and the historical data will be moved across over the next few weeks (that fun task seems to be mine).

So anyway, you can now access Navision Online User Group, aka MBS On Line aka dynamics user group at http://dynamicsusers.org but for now please recreate your user ID using the same log in that you have at MBS online, so that all your history of postings can link back to you when we move them across. Those of you that have already signed up at dynamics users with a different user ID, don't panic, I will work out a way to link your old historical data to the new forum ID.

David Singleton.
David Singleton


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