Technical course in Navision

postmasterpostmaster Member Posts: 12

I'm a self made in Navision but I'm beginner but initiated after all and probably I have to perform a Technical course for some person in Navision, so I would like to have a plan for a technical course in Navision.
The plan can be in PowerPoint or others.
Can someone help me and send such document.

It will be kind of you.

You can join me at my address : service_postmaster@yahoo.fr

Thanks in advance.


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    girish.joshigirish.joshi Member Posts: 407
    In the U.K., Microsoft has made available to partners the power points they use to give training courses. My understanding is these can be re-sold.

    I believe this is happening on a trial basis.

    I would contact your VAR and see if they have access to these presentations. Its unlikely any one is going to give them to you for free, since MS is charging an arm and a leg for them.

    I don't have the pricing details -- sorry.
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