How to post reverse charge VAT with payment

andrejsmandrejsm Member Posts: 122
When i am posting payment, It is necessery to calculate and post reverse charge VAT amount to General ledger and VAT entrys.
For example: Payment From Bank Account to Vendor . 118 LCY

I need aditional entrys:
1) Debit 18 LCY Unrealized VAT account and Credit 18 LCY VAT account
2) Debit 18 LCY VAT account and Credit 18 LCY Unrealized VAT account

How to setup it in Navision? :oops:
Andrejs Muraskins


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    vivektaurianvivektaurian Member Posts: 69

    u have to specify VAT Posting groups and do some setup on the G/L setup card.

    Tell me any setup u have done yet about VAT
    Vivek Srivastava

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    navisi0nenavisi0ne Member Posts: 36
    you have to:
      in General Ledger Setup: activate flag
    Unrealized VAT
    in VAT Posting Setup (for the combinationg of VAT Business Posting Group + VAT Product Posting Group):
    a) select the correct Unrealized VAT type (e.g. in Italy we use Percentage);
    b) insert the Unreal. Account where to post the VAT when posting invoice, the normal VAT account will be used when the payment is posted and applied to the invoice with unrealized VAT
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    andrejsmandrejsm Member Posts: 122
    Sorry,I will try to be more specifi. It is not just a payment it is prepayment. And there is no such an invoice in current month, but i need to report VAT to Tax authorities current month, thats why i need these Reverse charge VAT entries. It is standart functionality, when you have invoice, but how about prepayment?
    I try different setups, but can't get reverse VAT entries for payment.
    Andrejs Muraskins
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