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I have been asked to add a subform to the contact card in Relationship Management to show/edit the job responsibilities associated with the contact - instead of having to click Contact->Person->Job Responsibilities to bring up another linked form. I didn't forsee any problem with this so created a new form for the Contact Job Responsibilities table and added it to the contact card form as a subform control linked on Contact No.->No.

The form compiles fine, but refuses to run giving the message :

'There is no Contact within the filter.
Filters: No.: 001, Type: Person'

I have searched high and low but can't see where the 'Type = Person' filter is being applied. As soon as I take the subform control off then the form works fine.

Any ideas?




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    Hi Jonathan, job responsibilities are only associated to a contact 'type' of 'person', you are probably opening the contact card on type company, to test if this is the case filter the main form on contact type of person in the form property sourcetableview then run the form. - Navman001
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    There are four possible area where can be set:

    1) SubFormView on the subform control
    2) SubFormLink on the subform control
    3) SourceTableView of the subform form
    4) C/AL code
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