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Hi, i have EP installed and correctly running on my PC. By the moment i am experimenting with it but i would like if is possible do this case:

2 users ( userA and userB for example)

userA login into EP (intranet). He go to see list of customers that is filtered by Name for him for example and he can only modify addressess of customers and save changes.

userB login into EP too and he go to see list of customers too. The list is filteres by phone for him and he only can change the countries.

Basically, i want to know if i can filt lists by X pharameter for some users and that they only can edit 1 field of a card.

Sorry for my english :oops:

Note: i have created the users in windows of server. Then i have configured navision with windows authentification and i have added this users to groups in EP users table. With this method, i can login with a userX in other PC of my intranet.

Thx 4 the help... Carlos...Spain


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    To BlackTiger: Do not say it is stupid, that it is stupid for you does not mean that it is not enough for someone other... ;-) it is just about expectations...8)

    But you correctly wrote that two webparts and user groups will be needed... 8)
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    OK, i can do what u have said. THX.

    But now i have another question:

    I have a principal site in sharepoint. I would like to create a subsite for userA and subsite for userB. Subsite of userA would be configured with a list with his filter and his options and in subsiteB, i would configure the same list with other filter, etc.. I have created some groups in Navison with different configurations like u said but...

    Can i do something to restrict access to subsites??
    i dont want userA can enter subsiteB and viceverse.

    Users of windows server (Navision station) and users that i can create in Web (SharePoint), can be relationed? I am not sure but maybe i can put restrictions in sharepoint users but they aren´t the users wich i do log in in other machine to acces Navision database via sharepoint.

    Sry 4 my english again :oops:
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