Can not create table with superuser permission?

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Hi everybody
I create some windows login(for example: domain\administrator and so on) with superuser permission on my new company in navision 4.0 sp1 , but none of them can not create table on this company (with object designer|tables|new) ,error is:
you do not have permission to create the 'test1' table. contact your system manager if you need to have your permissions changed. Ok

I test it on server machine that application server and navision server install on it,
note: I can not run NAS command correctly, it was error to me with this command and error message:
nas servername=nav-pc, database="123", company="alborz", startupparameter=p

but it did error:

you have not selected a database.
the following message came from the server.
the operating system cannot find the file fin.flf.
please check that the drive, directory and file names are correct.

* I copied file fin.flf in application server directory, my test database name is 123, and I see it in enterprise manager, my company(alborz) is in company table of database 123.

I can`t change nettype with NAS command, it was back the same error .

anyone help me or idea to guide me? :-k :(


  • Alex_ChowAlex_Chow Member Posts: 5,063
    Click on Tools --> License Information to see if you have the proper license installed.
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    Hi deadlizard,
    yes I was select my license file in tools|license information|change, I was copy license file "fin.flf" in client directory, on my server and client, and in database server directory and application server directory in server.

    List of my license file:

    Granule ID Name Amount Expires

    540 Demonstration Basic Granule 1
    542 MSDN License 1
    543 Design for MSDN 1
    1,100 Company 4
    1,200 Session 2
    1,310 Database Expansion per 1 MB 100
    1,370 Database Expansion per 1 GB 1
    1,400 User IDs & Passwords 1
    1,410 Permissions 1
    1,420 Application Server 1
    1,520 Server - Windows NT (Intel) 1
    1,750 C/OCX 1
    1,800 C/FRONT 1
    1,900 Cross-Reference Tool 1
    1,960 Test Integration 1
    2,000 Client Monitor 1
    2,010 Server - Microsoft SQL Server Option 1
    2,105 Allow new versions 1
    2,310 Web User /Each 1
    4,900 Application Wide - Multiple System Langua 1
    7,100 Level 1: Design 1
    104,000 Upgrade Toolkit Execute objects(104,000-104,1 1

    please another advise to me,
    sorry I was very beginner on navision. [-o< :-k
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    What object ID are you trying to create? It would appear that you are using an MSDN license and not a developer's license. I believe the MSDN license is restricted in much the same way as the CRONUS license (although maybe not as much). See if they shipped you a text file along with the license. This file will list the object ranges that you can create.
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