can not start 2 services

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Hi everybody
I have an error when I install all navision server,application server and business solution notification, and I start two below services:

"Could not start the Microsoft Business Solutions- Navision Application Server Nav-PC-CLASSIC Service on Local Computer"
ERROR 1: Incorrect Function.

"Could not start the Microsoft Business Solutions- Navision Application Server Nav-PC-SQL Service on Local Computer"
ERROR 1: Incorrect Function.

note: Nav-PC : this is my host name.

I beginner in navision and I wish anyone help me,
I install client version on client PC, but it don`t see server to connect it, I added to application server (nav-pc-classic and nav-pc-sql) with no parameter, when I start them, write starting in service status and when I press refresh status, write stopped. and no change on services.

please help me,help me.
](*,) :( [-o<


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    Which database type are you using? (Native or SQL).

    You should only use the NAS that matches your database type.

    Check the nettype on all three (server/NAS/Client). Use TCP and not the default of TCPS.
    There are no bugs - only undocumented features.
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    I think SQL type I selected, I didn`t know how use NAS that matches my database? ( what the mean of NAS? :?: 8-[ )I didn`t how I check the nettype, I set nav-pc-sql net type is TCP/IP Sockets, and I set nav-pc-classic net type is TCP/IP, for new database I created, I set TCP/IP.
    sorry, I was start navision 2 days left, and I didn`t anything about its setting, thank you for helping me,
    :) :-k
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    I found NAS.exe and run it in command prompt on server(all things about server installed on one machine) with this message:

    nas servername=nav-pc, database="123", company="alborz", startupparameter=p

    but it did error:

    you have not selected a database.
    the following message came from the server.
    the operating system cannot find the file fin.flf.
    please check that the drive, directory and file names are correct.

    * I copied file fin.flf on application server directory, my test database name is 123, and I see in enterprise manager, my company is alborz in company table of database 123.

    I can`t change nettype with nas command, it was back the same error .

    thanks for any idea, I will reading documentation file on cd, but these are not describe details completely,

    I wait for any help :-k
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    Hi Bbrown
    my two services is started, but in nas command still error, ant not in application manager and services, these working ok.
    thanks for your idea, you guide me to solve my problem.
    :P =D>
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