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I am currently working on setting up and configuring employee portal for my company. So far, I can get it up and running perfectly using the demo database that comes on disc 2 of the installation cd's. However, if i try to use a different database, i can not get the Navision Database Server Service or the Application Server Service to start correctly and therefore the employee portal website does not work. Has anyone else run into this or know how to correct it?


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    there are many steps to do to get any external thing for NAV running in your own db.

    1.) Upgrade of objects
    Did you upgrade the objects? Esp. Codeunit 1!

    2.) Configuration settings
    Did you configure NAS,... in NAV

    3.) NAS User access
    Do you have windows logon for the database?
    Has the NAS user SUPER rights?
    Is the NAS service configured with an windows account?

    4.) Configuration of user, web part requests ...

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    Thank you for the response. Well, as i said, i am able to get it to work using the database that comes on disc two of the installation cds. So, I used that same setup in my other database. The windows account is setup in the database with Super user role. The NAS is configured for the new company/ database. The NAS service is configured with the same windows account. But for some reason, the services do not start correctly. The only thing that i did not do was make any changes to Codeunit 1. What changes would i need to make? That may be the only thing that is preventing this from working. Again, any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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