[solved] Problem connecting Navision 4.0 to Biztalk 2004

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I want to set up a laboration environment with a Biztalk server and a navision client. I am using 2 computers as following:
Computer no 1:
Biztalk Server 2004
Commerce Gateway Request Server
Computer no 2:
Navision Application Server
*SQL database
*Database server name: Computer name
*Database: Navision Demo Database (4-0)
*Company name: Cronus lev
*Start up parameter: CG (We have tried specifying portnumber "CG Port=7530"
*Net type: When installing 4.0 net types dissapeared. (they where visible in SP1).

Navision client
*2 different companies: 1 retailer and 1 wholesaler

Commerce Gateway Broker

The problem I'm faceing right now is that when I run the systemcheck in the navision client it says that there are no contact with the NAS. I have set the broker settings in the management setup in navision to operate on port: 7530 and in the field for the IP address I have typed the computer name for computer no 2. I think all the settings are right in navision but i still don't have any contact with the NAS.

I'm running the computers on a local network with a hub and no firewalls.

Does anyone have a solution or a tip or does anyone recognize the problem?

Please help me!

Best regards


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    1) The NAS, CG and Biztalk must be started in correct order - Biztalk, CG, NAS...
    2) CHeck your Event log for errors and messages on your PC and on the Server. They will help you solve the problem...
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  • mamamama Member Posts: 7
    we got it working now sending an order to file, now just the last setup parameters for sending biztalk to biztalk.

    we think that some of our problems occured due to an installation of NAS on the Biztalk computer. hmm. anywho it works now

    thanks for the help

    until the next problem :) hehe

    best regards

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