Navision 4.0 Installation & Configuration Exam infos

demy75demy75 Member Posts: 31
Hi friends,
I've to take soon the exam "Navision 4.0 Installation & Configuration Exam"
(VUE #NA 40-226) and I'd like to have some informations about it from people who has taken it.
What are the main topics covered? What is important to know? Is there someone that remember some questions, in order to know the type of them?
I'd like to have some infos about it.
P.S. please don't post to read the exam guide, this is the first thing I've done :wink:
Thanks in advance to anyone who want to share his experience with others.


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    micbsmicbs Member Posts: 6
    Hi demy,
    I am taking installation and configuration exam for Navision.

    Have you got some material to study?

    Do you remember any question?

    Thank you!
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