Performance of an NAS 3.7 on SQL Server 2000

Iwan_JauchIwan_Jauch Member Posts: 35
Hi there

I have big problems with the performance of my nas 3.7 in combination with sql server 2000! Does anybody have ideas how to imporve the speed?

What ideas of imporvement do you have for my navision code?

- setting SETCURRENTKEY etc.?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Grettings Iwan


  • MogMog Member Posts: 34
    there are some documents available about improving sql server performance manipulating some CAL-Code. Check the newer Product- and Tools-CD, i guess you may find something there.

    setcurrentkey is always a good thing for performance, you could also analyze "Maintain SIFT Index" property, but without knowing your database its hard to give some real good hints... try to reduce reads and writes, and you will win a lot speed, sometimes its just stupid code who kills performance, like this

    ... Some Code doing nothing with MyField...


    ... some code ...

  • Iwan_JauchIwan_Jauch Member Posts: 35
    Hi Mog

    I know that flowfields are not so fast to read, but is there a better way to sum up the flowfields if i need that data?

    Thanks a lot for your help

    Greetings Iwan
  • MogMog Member Posts: 34
    using flowfields is not that big problem, calculating them twice or more in one function is the cause of all evil ;)
  • Iwan_JauchIwan_Jauch Member Posts: 35
    Hi Mog

    And reading flowfields in a sequenze is evil too?

  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    Reading flowfields is not the cause of any evil, unless you read a very large number of them. What Mog is trying to tell you is that there is code that doesn't make sense that you can remove, and one example is to calculate a flowfield, then not doing anything with the value, and then calculating it again.

    Most of your performance will come from optimizing the keys and indexes, and then the code.
  • kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Do no forget, that best optimalization is to optimize something, what has impact to biggest part of the system.

    e.g.: what is better - speed up 50% of the system with gain 0.01sec
    - speed up 1% of the system with gain 5sec


    Keys has impact to whole system, your code just to 0.1%... ;-)

    And do not forget that your RAM, CPU, HDD have impact to your whole server (more than 100% of Navision... :-))
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