NAS starting problem from the commandline

chrisvanderpoelchrisvanderpoel Member Posts: 2
Hello everyone,

I'm running a windows 2003 server in a Domain with a navision 4.0 sp1 database as service. I'm trying to start Navision Aplication Server on the commandline,
and it gives the following error:
- 11:34:20: This message is for C/AL programmers:
- 11:34:20:
- 11:34:20: The call to member OpenReceiveQueue failed.
                 MSMQQueueInfo returned the following message:
- 11:34:20: Access is denied.
- 11:34:20: The Navision Application Server X31NAS could not initialize properly

It says i have no rights to create or delete a Message Queue. but the NAS is running as user with administrator rights. NAS does work on my windows XP professional workstation. can someone help me.



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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    May be that MSMQ is not installed on the server? Are you running some standard code or your own NAS module (own C/AL code)?
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