Employee Portal: How to run a Report with Filters?

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Hi All

I created a webpart - page for time recording and everything works fine, except that I cannot run a Navision - Report with filters.

the definition of the webpart:

Header: Resource

Header-Fields: No., Name, 'Date Filter Web' and 'Project Filter Web'
'Date Filter Web' and 'Project Filter Web' are editable.

Table-Action:Show Report/Current/SHOWREPORT/167/85025
The 'Head'-Table of Report 85025 is 167 (Job)

The Connection between WP-Requests (Table 156 --> Table 167)
85901 Project Filter Web
> 1 No.
85900 Date Filter Web
> 51 Date Filter

Then I added my Report to the Codeunit 6828 (EP Report Mgt.) and added the function 'JobTableBased'

When I run the report the following Error occurs:
Field ID '85901': Fields marked as direct or indirect editable are not allowed in filter expressions. (10019)

I have no idea where this error comes from. I searched for it but I couldn't find it. Debugger doesn't stop either. :roll:

Anybody got an idea what to do?

- running the report without filters works... but thats not the goal.
- restarting nas, iis , or whatever... did it many times already. :roll:
- working with navision 4.01 native DB


  • IHateLinuxIHateLinux Member Posts: 223

    it is not possible to set filters from field values that are editable.
    Because with this you may override the filters of the request and so on.


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