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there is one thing that i would desperately like to know...

when my computer starts , then if i check the services that have started,then the Computer name->Nas-Classic does not start,

upon viewing the event log it says that it needs startup parameter,companyname etc.... :-s

now when i try and run it via the command starts up without any hiccups....#-o

but if i check the services again then i find that it has not started yet(even though i see it running from the DOS prompt 8-[ )

now i want to know that whether the nas is running properly....if not then what should i do??

i have already reinstalled this once but with no change
i do it custom install then the commerce portal setup

kindly help...
its urgent n imp ](*,)



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    if you start nas.exe from commandline you create an own instance, its not the instance used when starting that one in your services list.

    nevertheless, even if started from commandline you HAVE to add these parameters to make it work:


    These parameters are not optional, without them NAS cannot work

    There must be some documentation on the product CD where this is explained, you might find some more hints there

    kind regards

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    see w1w1atas.pdf in DOC folder of install cd.
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    As Mog explained, running ti from the command line is a new instance of the NAS. You have to specify the Command line parameters each time you run the NAS. The easiest here is to create a Windows Shortcut, and then add all the startup parameters to the shortcut. This is great for testing and developing, but not good for Production systems.

    To manage the NAS Service, use the "Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Application Server Manager", which is a MMC snapin. If you dont have a shortcut to it, run MMC from the command prompt and then add the Navision Snapin(s) yourself.

    The Manuals (see kine's posting) describe both of these well. Good luck..
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