Can anybody help(Commerce Portal)

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hi all,

no offences intended but it seems that not many people have implemented Commerce Portal.

I have been trying to find a solution to the problem that i am not able to load the default website of commerce portal even though i have been able to successfully open and work with other pup packages(retail-site).
the error that i am receiving is that whenever i try to open the web page the following thing appears:

<font face="Arial" size=2>
<p>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server</font> <font face="Arial" size=2>error '80040e37'</font>
<font face="Arial" size=2>Invalid object name 'COMMERCE_WEBSITE'.</font>
<font face="Arial" size=2>/CommercePortal/global.asa</font><font face="Arial" size=2>, line 657</font>

can anyone spare aome time to help..;..plz...its very very urgent ](*,)


  • kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Because I never saw CP, I will try just say some hints:

    1) Check event log for more messages
    2) Check configuration, if there are correct server names and database names. Because I cannot see such a table in standard Navision database, it seems like this table is something from commerce server database. Check if all is setup correctly.
    3) Check any install log which you can find...
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  • amunozsuamunozsu Member Posts: 30

    If there is no Commerce_website table in the sql database then something was wrong with the synchronization process, have you check the queues set up? Is there any message in the errormq queue? Are all components in the same computer? ...

    -- Alejandro --
  • rohitchaubey2001rohitchaubey2001 Member Posts: 45

    i know that there is sth wrong with the synchronization do i check and rectify it???

    also the nas(computername-classic) if i try to run it from services then it does not start syaing that incorrect function.but if i run it from the command linie it starts

    what is wrong

    plz help
  • amunozsuamunozsu Member Posts: 30
    Check the user who is assigned to the NAS service, check also that this user exists as a windows user in Navision and that he have the permissions that he needs.

    -- Alejandro --
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