Be nice when making requests

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Just a note to fellow forum users. When making a request for file or support, it would be so much better if the question is phrased in a way so that it sounds polite and nice. Personally, if I read a post that is rude or demanding, I just skip pass it even if it's an easy answer.

Remember that everyone here is doing you a favor and helping you out FREE OF CHARGE. The least people can do is be kind to the people that may help you.

Thank you for your time in reading this message. :whistle:


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    I think that Mr. Lizard is absolutely right. The whole point of this forum is basically to share information and help each other out. So the least what we can do is nicely ask for an advice and nicely give an advice. It works both ways all the time.
    Lets be polite!
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    What happened?
    I think most people aren't rude in here and yes there have been instances where somebody would write something
    help need urgent help with this problem. Please reply soooooooon. etc, but I know that sometimes people are under stress when they write their problems. So I don't take it personally.
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    Yeah, I agree the regulars on this forum aren't rude. This message is probably for the new users that have made requests and demanding an answer right away.

    Frustration can be vented elsewhere, but shouldn't be when you're asking for help.
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    I do try to read them again though, to make sure a 'rude' post is indeed rude, because what I understand as rudeness may also be because of a language issue, or maybe a cultural issue.

    Many people in this forum speak English as a second language, and you can tell that some of them have a hard time finding the right words.
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    Yes, in many cases the problem is just the translation. And I know about what I am talking... :whistle:

    I am happy that there is VERY LOW count of really rude posts.
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