Error : Unable to determine request type. 10133 ?

vincentes2000vincentes2000 Member Posts: 2
edited 2006-04-21 in Navision e-Commerce

I installed Sharepoint Service on Server 2003 with NASSQL and Employe Portal.... After configured MSMQ, i am problem :

- I can add Webpart on my homepage of sharepoint service Website.
- I can Modify Webpart "Card web part for navision Employe Portal"
- I can Select the Table data source... but i want to valid.... i receive this error message : "Communication error (10114): No reply received from Back End System (Time Out)."

And i look to Event log on Server 2003 : "Error : Unable to determine request type." Id Event : 10133

Under the title webpart, i have always "Please select a request type for this Web Part."...

Have you a idea ?


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