Navision 4.0 sp1 window users need to be db_owner on MSSQL

mihai.valceamihai.valcea Member Posts: 95
Hi all,

I have a strange problem with authentification for windows domain users that need to acces mssql database.
If they log in without to give them db_owner role on database they get en error like "You do not have permission to read the Object table". On Navision these users are SUPER users.

I cannot let all the users to be db_owner in order to log in Navision.



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    thaugthaug Member Posts: 106
    Have you run synchornization? Search here for information about that. It is slow, and has to be done after any changes to the users roles.

    I've found that I need to run a full synchronization at night when no one is on or else the process fails.
    There is no data, only bool!
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