Calendar AssistEdit (Navision)

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Calendar AssistEdit (Navision)
Freeware, by Christophe Watrelot ([email protected]), April 2006

Run "Calendar Sample" form, then click date AssistEdit button.

Customize your forms by adding just one line in the date field AssistEdit trigger.
For instance "Allow Posting to" date field :

Allow Posting To - OnAssistEdit()
Calendar.AssistEdit("Allow Posting To",FIELDCAPTION("Allow Posting To"),'');

Declare as global or local :
Calendar Codeunit Calendar AssistEdit

Mouse or keyboard can be used (pageup : prev. month, pagedown : next month, choose date...)

Current date is bold
Today is highlighted
grey for prev and next month days,
red for notworking days as defined by calendar granule (#3360) if included in your license.

You can click on 'week' to switch between Monday or Sunday as first day of week (kept by SaveValue s).

Discuss this download here.
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