Changing Item Tracking


I have a typical navision problem. We started using the system with the base functionality of Item Tracking with the tracking only in the Sales and purchase orders. We did not use the lot specific tracking enabled.

Now we are moving to ADCS and need to have the warehouse item tracking enabled. But while doing so, Navision says Lot Specific tracking must be enabled before enabling the warehouse tracking. But it also does not allow me to swicth the lot specific tracking on.

I am in a absolute bottle neck situation and it would be very helpful if some one could help me.



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    bestianhowbestianhow Member Posts: 120
    Hi Sylvanca,
    If the Item already have transactions in Item Ledger Entry, the Item Tracking at Item Card cannot changed anymore.
    You need to create new item card again :)
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    Miklos_HollenderMiklos_Hollender Member Posts: 1,598
    Set inventory to zero with negative adj. Comment out the error from the code that restricts you from doing it. Put inventory back with positive adjustments with proper lot tracking, taking extreme care to proper costs. Take out the comment. Figure out a way how you will post invoices that expected you to have inventory by receipts and not by adjustments...
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