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deepbluedeepblue Member Posts: 152

I have created a card form where the Field "No." is the Primary key in the table. when I open the Lookup Form and choose another value to go to another record the system try to change the value of the field and an error message saying that "the record already exisits" appears.
What can I do?

Thank you!!!


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    DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    Turn on the debugger and step through the code. It seems to me like you put some code in form triggers that tries to insert a record that already exists.
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    sggsgg Member Posts: 109
    What is the Value of the TableRelation Property of the Field "No." ?

    1. Could it be that you have a Table where the Primary Key Field is Related to the Table Itself?
    If this is the case, It is Wrong.

    2. if what you are trying to do is to select another Record, then it is NOT done on Lookup(of the Primary Key) but on the List Form (Generally F5). This List form Must have been specified on the LookUpFormID Property of the Table.
    Sunday, Godwin G
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