Employee Portal: ONE Action to connect to two webparts

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I have a list with a "Show" button. When I click this button I want it to update/connect two other webparts. Currently it can only connect one webpart per action. How can I change this?

Is it possible to create a new Employee Portal .NET "webpart-type". Can I inherit the "Base" .NET webpart and create my own, and are there any sample application for this? For example if I want to create a graph on basis of a list of Navision data?


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  • IHateLinuxIHateLinux Member Posts: 223

    1.) it is not possible to connect one web part with many other
    Because beyond the action you configure one action request type and you pass some parameters to it. So even if you might want to connect different web parts, they will show in both web parts the same.
    And it is not possible to connect different actions to different web parts because NAV does not know anything about the SharePoint connections of the web parts

    2.) It is not possible to create new NEP web parts based on the existing ones. This is prohibited in the code.
    Because there are a lot of requirements and checks to the data structure which will blow up your web part if you do not exactly know what you do.

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