Pure look demo

mimounimimouni Member Posts: 55
edited 2006-04-13 in Navision e-Commerce
does anybody knows where can i find purelook demo compagny ?
i am about testing the commerce gateway and in the demo script they mentioned purelook .
if somebody know where and can i find it hepl me.


  • IHateLinuxIHateLinux Member Posts: 223

    the PureLook Company is just a copy of the CRONUS company.
    Rename Cronus company and then restore from the normal database backup the Cronus company.

    I think this is described in the training / presentation manuals

  • mimounimimouni Member Posts: 55
    i did that and i have now the pure look comapgny in my sql server
    but to run the commerce gateway the cronus compagny must be a cleint of pure look
    but the pure look database is originally the cronus one
    how can i make the cronus a client for pure look then?
    thanx for all
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