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I am really desperated, I believe, that I have done everything (right) to install the Database server, employee portal, application server, but can't start the default. I get the message (translated from german) There is no connection to the configuration database. Has anyone an idea, what to do?



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    1) Please, try to be more specific: where is the error, with which component is connected (NAS, IIS, etc.)

    2) Describe in what are you doing when you get the error
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    The Navision Database server is running, the application server is running with NEP-EMP, when opening the localhist/default.aspx in IE, I get the error message.
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    It is problem of SharePoint. It seems like the sharepoint is not working properly...
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    what version of SharePoint Portal server did you have installed?

    There is an issue, when you install SPS and you use workgroup mode (not domain). Then you have to specify everywhere (!!!!!!) the login credentials as MACHINENAME\USERNAME.

    When you have installed that and using just the USERNAME to access the SQL Server where SharePoint will create its databases, then they could not be created, you get no error or warning, but at the end the portal is not working.

    - Uninstall SharePoint Portal Server
    - Install SharePoint Portal Server
    - Install SP2 for Windows SharePoint Services
    - Install SP2 for SharePoint Portal Server
    - Create a portal

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