Problem with updating a subform

hazemhazem Member Posts: 187
Hello everybody
I have a Form with a subform inside
The records shown in the subform are only updated if i go to the next record and come back or if i close the form and reopen it.

I think it's an update problem but how to update records shown in the subform?


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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    if you search for update subform and select "Search for all terms"

    You will find a bunch of posts
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    hazemhazem Member Posts: 187
    I really found something STRANGE!!!
    The subform is displayed if a check box is checked.
    I typed just this "//" on the trigger OnPush() of this check box and the records shown in the subform are updated!!!!!!!!!!!How can this be possible?
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    CtrlShiftF11CtrlShiftF11 Member Posts: 29
    I know of other events in Navision (this is mostly just forms) where the existence of any syntax in the trigger can alter how an object behaves. Look anywhere in the system where you see an Edit Assist button.

    Seriously though, you should scrap the oddity you've found and follow best practices by using the following syntax like everyone else...


    Good luck,
    Andy Sandefer
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    ayashiayashi Member Posts: 78
    I have the same problem here, I have to move my cursor into the subform then the header form to see the subform updated
    Or Create a button and just put // on the On Push trigger, and when I push the button, the subform updated.

    I tried to call subform function -> currform.update(true)
    from header form in the event on validate (field that link the subform),
    still can't make it work.

    Anyone know how to solve this ?
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