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Hi all..

I'm working with commerce portal now all the installation has been completd successfully completed. all the s/w installation were version 2000
and the Navision version is 3.7. and the problem is when i'm running the demo portal in the internt explorer the following error message is giving

Error Type:
Commerce.AuthManager.1 (0x80070057)
AuthManager(CommerceServer): You should call 'AuthManager::Initialize()' method with a valid site-name, before calling any other AuthManager API.
/b2b/Default.asp, line 10

Can any body please help me in this it's very urgent requirement 4r me.

Thankyou in Advance
Rasool Shaik


  • IHateLinuxIHateLinux Member Posts: 223

    this is one of the most ugliest "features" in Commerce Portal.

    Go into the global.asa and find the place of the function "GetSiteCode".

    Make comments in any line in this function and return the Sitecode you have configured in Navision manually like:
    GetSiteCode = "HOME"

    Because it seems that sometimes it is a problem to get the local folder of the site and in that function it tries to get the site code depending on the local folder of the web site.

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