Error creating Credit Memos

foronavisionforonavision Member Posts: 79

When I try to create a credit memo using then function "copy document", when I select then document type and document no., if I choose the option recalculate lines always appears the message "The sales document does not exits ...."
I have try with orders, Posted invoices, Posted Shipments, etc., and always appers that message if I choose recalculate lines.

We are working with release 4.01 of Navision for 3 weeks. Before this, we have release 3.01 and this options works without any problems. Is this an standard error?

Thank you very much.


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    SbhatSbhat Member Posts: 301
    No, it does not happen on a clean Nav 4.0 database, i would say there must have been a modification done in the Copymgmt codeunit. Please check.

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    ara3nara3n Member Posts: 9,256
    I believe you have to insert the record "sales header" first before running the copy doc function routine. That's how I've seen the error.
    Ahmed Rashed Amini
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    rranjanerprranjanerp Member Posts: 70
    Dear Experts,

    I am getting an error " The sales invoice line does not exist Identification field & values. Doc no " abc " Line No :"10000"

    while doing copy document in Credit memo form. I tried to debug but could not find the link. If any one has solved same issue than plz guide me ..The same error is seen in " Get Posted Document Lines to Reverse" After i select posted sales invoice .

    I am using Nav 2009 R2 . copy sales document function in codeunit 6620 is correct. got some link to study .


    Thanks a lot..
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